How to Get Halal Certified Easier & Faster

On May 1, 2020, HOLISTICS Lab Sdn Bhd organized an online sharing session program covering interesting topics on how to easily obtain a halal certificate. This topic was further explained in 30 minutes by Dr Mohd Iskandar Ilyas Tan, a Senior Lecturer of Azman Hashim International Business School (AHIBS) UTM and CEO of HOLISTICS Lab Sdn Bhd.

The halal logo is an important symbol that is used by people especially Muslims to buy and use products or services with care. However, there are some people who thought that applying for a halal certificate is a complicated process despite the fact that the process of applying for a halal certificate is simple.

Therefore, to resolve the misunderstanding of the public about the process of applying for a halal certificate, Dr Iskandar has elaborated further on how easy it is to obtain a halal certificate. According to Dr Iskandar, if the documents provided are sufficient then the process of applying for a halal certificate will be easier. According to the sharing session , Dr Iskandar has emphasize 5 simple tips for getting a halal certificate.

First, motivation. As an entrepreneurs, they need to identify the goals and objectives of a company or organization that requires a halal certificate. For example, it is possible that by having a halal logo can increase sales and help manufacturer to penetrate into international market. Therefore, it is good things to apply for halal certificate. Second, qualification and requirements. The entrepreneur must ensure that their product or service are under halal certification scheme. JAKIM has emphasize 8 halal certification scheme which is food and beverage, food premises, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, slaughtering houses, logistics and OEMs.

Third, company size and category. Entrepreneur must identify the size of their company whether micro, small, medium or MCN. The needs of each company are different depending on the size of company. Fourth, product lists and documentation. In the training program, you will be informed what the document need to be provided. For example, document such as business licenses, SSM certificates, suppliersΓÇÖ halal certificates and so on. Fifth, apply for Malaysian halal certificate. Entrepreneurs need to make sure all complete document are available before apply for halal certificate. An application can be made by online at

Malaysia Halal Certification Checklist
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